Nortex4/Ultra4 Trophy

The Nortex4 Trophy is a trophy of extreme off-road races similar to the already mythical King of Portugal, however each one with its own identity. It is organized by Clube Nortex4 in cooperation with local clubs and/or municipalities of the areas where the three events that make up the Trophy will take place.

The 3 races are distributed in the center and north of the country, namely, Tábua (district of Coimbra), Valpaços (district of Vila Real), and Vimioso (district of Bragança) and are held in April, May and October, respectively.



All land


In this class will be series-produced cars with minor modifications that can go up to a maximum tire height of 35 inches.


In this class will be vehicles that are based on an off-road vehicle but with major modifications and that compete with tires with a maximum height of 37 inches.


In this class all vehicles with more classic construction can participate and compete with tires with a maximum height of 37 inches.


In this class any kind of vehicles and preparations can participate. As the name implies, there are no limits!

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